Business Consulting


The Cadenze team provides all of the specialist accounting, audit, business advice services Australian SME business and HNW individuals need. We are proactive, available and accountable.

Business advice is specific and can include:

  • Growth strategy development, planning & change management
  • Risk management strategy and implementation
  • Cashflow management
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Capital management

Due diligence

Whether you’re starting out with a new business, considering expansion, entering a joint venture or making an acquisition, a clear and insightful assessment of significant risks and opportunities is essential. The Cadenze team provides financial, commercial and tax due diligence to give you the peace of mind business decisions require. As part of the due diligence process the Cadenze team will clarify and enhance your understanding of what’s involved.


  • Identify any issues for negotiation
  • Confirm what the other party is asserting
  • Highlight potential problems and opportunities
  • Identify the factors critical to success


At some point you will want to sell your business or a key person in your business may choose to retire or leave for other reasons. Whether this is planned for and part of the business strategy, or required in response to an unexpected event, transition planning for the key roles in your business is crucial to maintain stability and ongoing success.

Cadenze will ensure your business has a well-considered and implemented succession plan for your key people and/or to get your business ready for sale. We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition that’s in the best interests of all parties.

Your situation is as individual as you are. Understanding what matters most to you is the first and most important step. We’ll work with experts in estate planning where needed and based on review and an analysis of assets including debt, substantial assets, superannuation or a family business ensure you have the most appropriate strategy.

Our objective is to ensure that your intentions and priorities are clear, and your family’s needs are provided for in the most efficient and taxeffective way.


Many small to medium enterprises would benefit from an experienced CFO in their business but either can’t afford the fees or don’t have the volume of work to keep the CFO busy. Our virtual CFO service gives you access to highly experienced CFO’s and business leaders which can make all the difference to your business success. The access you gain to financial expertise and depth of business experience can help you achieve your business goals. Cadenze team can help advise and select the virtual CFO that’s right for you. In addition to the upside of specialist expertise available when you need it, working virtually is flexible, seamless and cost-effective.


  • Business planning and strategy workshops
  • Business performance analysis and strategic advice
  • Building financial models, business analysis tools and budgets
  • Monthly management reports and cashflow projections
  • Become a member of your advisory board
  • Assistance with cash flow management
  • Developing & implementing new business, finance and organisational systems
  • Advice and support on operational issues and business performance improvement

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